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h66, rv, gv, x, sdx, a, xac, 4, oj, u, iv2, 9, First Documentary Released on Participation of Ukrainian ladies in the pugilative War against Russian Occupation at Donbas – The Invisible Battalion – Dubai Medical Supplies Palestine


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First Documentary Released on Participation of Ukrainian ladies in the pugilative War against Russian Occupation at Donbas – The Invisible Battalion

“If a lady, mom, cousin, or child, wants to guard our values and our territory, no body can reject her that right. ” Hidden Battalion Calendar

KYIV, UKRAINE, October 31, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — the initial full-length documentary about Ukrainian women playing the war up against the Russian violence at Donbass – hidden Battalion – had been premiered on October 16. The movie is really a followup for the advocacy campaign of this name that is same formerly contains a sociological research and a photograph project.

The sociological research done by the Invisible Battalion group at the beginning of 2016 detected lots of issues: legislation allowed females become chefs, medical teachers, seamstresses, but failed to allow them to be snipers, mortar gunners, scouts, and take virtually any combat roles. As a result reality, the ladies whom fought in ATO had been usually kept away from appropriate framework, had no use of particular social allowance or armed forces profession, and may not get army medals. Their involvement had been unnoticed and underappreciated. The advocacy campaign ended up being a success that is great the very first time into the reputation for independent Ukraine facilitating expansion of this set of roles for privates, sergeants and officers by 63 combat jobs and making them designed for ladies. Nonetheless, it was just the victory that is first the best way to development associated with Ukrainian military predicated on expert concept. Women can be nevertheless perhaps maybe not permitted to provide within the air landing troops, plus the most of armed forces jobs are unavailable for them. There clearly was nevertheless limitation in officer roles, army education and, therefore, in army job in general.

Creation of the documentary that tells real tales of females protecting comfort and security of Ukraine with tools inside their arms has transformed into the next phase of work with the Invisible Battalion group. Three movie directors – Iryna Tsilyk, Svitlana Lischynska and Alina Horlova – tell the stories of six servicewomen. Hence, the Battalion korean mail order brides that is invisible documentary war through a lady’s eyes.

Maria Berlinska, movie producer, describes the task function, “First, to report history occurring now and show exactly just exactly how women battle. Second, break the wall surface for ladies. There is no obsolete, Soviet prohibitions to help keep ladies far from professional armed forces solution simply because they’re females, when you look at the twenty-first century whenever ladies provide completely when you look at the most effective armies around the globe, simply simply just take positions from a personal to a broad, make strategic decisions in protection. So a documentary is an excellent tool that permits us to describe these specific things to your culture in a way that is understandable. And, finally, another function in order to make this movie, that is believe it or not crucial in my situation: our company is losing the informational war on the planet. Through this documentary, you want to show we have Russian occupation, the fourth year in a row that we have no civil conflict. The world will see how our women die and become disabled, how they fight and how they beat back the Russian army in our documentary. We do not require some of that “we’re deeply concerned” thing; we require genuine help. “

Oksana Ivantsiv, executive producer regarding the documentary, adds, “they are tales of females at war told by feminine movie directors; a war, which will be usually thought to be a guy’s business, as seen through a female’s eyes. The documentary touches upon an array of dilemmas faced by females: from legislative limitations to just simply take army jobs towards the not enough rehabilitation programs and failure associated with the society to just accept war that is female. We wish that the documentary is likely to make lots of essential issues appropriate when it comes to culture, concerning involvement of females keeping in mind our comfort and safety, enhance the servicewomen’s status and additionally induce respective legislative changes that will enable formation of y our military predicated on expert requirements and never gender stereotypes. “

Data associated with Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: There are about 10 thousand females, including 639 officers, inside our effective units that are military. For involvement in ATO, at the time of end of might 2017, combatant status happens to be issued to 5,287 ladies. During ATO, 1,857 ladies had been awarded, including 84 individuals given the government armed forces honors of Ukraine (3 individuals had been posthumously that is awarded; 507 individuals had been granted with honorary designs of this Ministry of Defense of Ukraine; 1,266 people received honorary designs associated with Chief for the General Staff – the Chief Commander of this Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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