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Solutions – Dubai Medical Supplies Palestine

Health Care Solutions

Leading The Health Care Transformation

We started our Journey in 2011 in Palestine, actively integrating fast growing technologies in the healthcare sector; we work closely with healthcare providers increasing consciousness and awareness for both end-users and patients, providing different healthcare solutions that enhances the healthcare outcomes, giving the patient more delightful healing journey.

Dubai Medical Supplies is a leader Healthcare Solutions provider in Palestine, through innovative offerings and unique value propositions to customers, Dubai Medical Supplies take the lead in introducing “changes” and launching new concepts and technologies in the region through partnership with caregivers who are “early adopters” and gurus in their fields.

Dubai Medical Supplies has the experience in Palestine market, connections, and structure required to catch the major market share, main Dubai Medical Supplies strength is offering clients complete surgical solution includes consultancy needed to have better surgical department.


Leading the Healthcare Transformation


Contribute to health and well-being by integrating the best healthcare solutions to the clinical practice, education and research.

Our company is proud to provide its services, representing and implementing our manufacturer partner’s solutions in the best way possible, our policies and processes will insure the best qualities of service.