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We have been Dimitri & Anna – FotoClip Studio Wedding Photography Barcelona, Spain formulated, members of Junebufweddings and award wedding that is winning. We love weddings and now we like to travel, covering weddings in Spain, Italy, France, Maroc etc.


We love catching details and inform a tale in an original method, which evolve and develop through the day to be one thing unique, a re-written that is fairytale. We love recording all of them, through the delicate glances towards the emotional’ that is‘first and dance.

With more than ten years of expertise, Dimitri & Ana people in Junebugweddings really loves catching those moments that are special photos and video clip. The blend of colors, day light, the individuals and photography, needless to say, is our passion https://brightbrides.net/review/charmdate-com.

Fotografos bodas ?? Barcelona

En primer lugar queremos presentarnos. Hola, somos fotografos de bodas en Bracelona, los dos formamos FOTOCLIP STUDIO. Ademas somos fotografos de destino, nos encanta viajar hacer bodas tanto y en Barcelona como en otras ciudades de Espana y resto del mundo. Gracias a la confianza de nuestros clientes hemos asistido a bodas internacionales en Italia, Francia, Portugal, Marruecos, Grecia etc.

Nuestra mejor carta de presentacion son nuestras Fotografias hechas en bodas reales. Es mas las fotos de nuestro portfolio muestran el estilo en que realizamos el reportaje fotografico el dia de la Boda. Como consecuencia de anos que trabajamos en el sector de Diseno Grafico y Publicidad finalmente pasamos al sector de la Fotografia de Bodas donde ya llevamos mas de diez anos.

Nos avalan anos de experiencia y lo demuestran muchos Premios Internacionales en los mas prestigiosos directorios y Asociaciones dedicadas a la Fotografia de Bodas tales como www. Fearlessphotographers.com/, https: //www. Ispwp.com/, https: //mywed.com/, https: //www. Wpja.com/, https: //www. Weddingphotographyselect.co.uk/, https: //junebugweddings.com/




Pedir informacion

Contacta con nosotros para proponer una reunion, pedirnos un presupuesto o mas informacion, o comentarnos cualquier cosa que quieras. Contestamos normalmente en 24h.


Nuestras parejas hablan de nosotros; -)

Siobhan & Linus

We and my hubby wish to state a giant HUGE thank you to Fotoclip – if anybody is struggling to decide on their photographer/videographer. CHOOSE FOTOCLIP! We knew, that after our wedding ended up being over, our lasting memory will be the photographs – so prioritizing photography and selecting an ideal group ended up being imperative to us. After stumbling upon Fotoclip and seeing their site – the art and beauty that came through within their work took our breathing away. Their photographs appeared as if one thing from a movie that is timeless. Travelling from Spain, absolutely absolutely nothing was a great deal to ask from Dimitri as well as the group. They made us feel safe and immediately understood the way we desired a stability between candid natural shots and beautifully posed portraits. They paid attention to the thing that was crucial that you us while having supplied us with perfectly pictures that are timed video’s that enable us to relive every single moment and feeling of y our perfect time. The important points, framing, timing, lighting, colouring within their work is simply WOW. They also shot scenes in Lecce into the days after our wedding, which allowed them to interweave normal videos into our film of us enjoying being spouse in and spouse in Lecce – and so they made us look pretty cool for starters day whenever we feel my age and show our grandchildren. Many thanks a great deal to your buddies at Fotoclip for many of the work that is hard and passion during our wedding and offering us the shots of our ambitions. You may be really amazing!

We somehow stumbled onto @fotoclipes on IG, fell so in love with their design and took an opportunity! We can’t be happier with @fotoclipes as our wedding professional photographer! They truly are super passionate and enthusiastic about their work. And goes far above!

Patricia & Jordi

?Una pareja sumamente especial! Parece que no, porque a penas notas su presencia, pero captan los mejores momentos, esos de los que siquiera recuerdas. Las fotos y video y tienen una exquisitez buen gusto sin igual that is y un. Son amables, pacientes y super profesionales. ?Un gran acierto!


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